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Working with wild hearted leaders, and artisan freelancers, is my thing! Live on the fringe? Have a niche product or service? I’ll walk the path with you to find a brand strategy that serves you!

The deeper dimension of compassion that allows you to challenge, to really see. It sets you apart.

Sophia Schweitzer

Deep coaching for rebel leaders, Space Beyond Words

About me

I’m a brand strategist and web designer who fell in love with digital marketing. Bringing heart & soul to your business is my mission! Are you ready to up your game and elevate your business?

Creative brand strategist

Need inspiration? Looking for honest insights into your brand strategy? Feel you need some focus and wisdom? I’ll design you a transformative brand strategy to reflect the heart & soul of your business.

Brand strategy coaching

Bring your own coffee, and let’s chat (make mine a Kona!). From our initial meeting and throughout our discovery sessions, I’ll help you navigate your journey, find your path, and be confident with your brand!

Podcast 020

Find out more about my style and approach in my podcast with Josh Hall.

020 – Tips for Starting a Freelance Web Design Business

I’ve grown my freelance web design business significantly over the last year. We dive into 5 big tips that have helped me grow my business, and we get into a wide ranging conversation involving copywriting, marketing, the power of community, benefits of premium vs free content and so much more!


Through discovery sessions, we’ll create a brand strategy to suit you that will give your brand a design facelift and your business a heartfelt boost!


Brand strategy

Looking for a brand strategy that connects your audience with your brand? We’ll journey together to make magic happen in your business.

Web design

Need a beautiful and functional website with user experience in mind? Your customers will love visting your website – every wondered what UX means? That’s it!

Content marketing

Dreaming of great content for your social media, and email marketing? I’ll help build your brand story to captivate your customers and inspire them about your brand.


I love to work with conscious businesses and projects that help save the planet or protect the environment. An eco-warrior who does battle in the brand marketing arena! Here’s a few of the cool projects I am involved with. 

Indigo Expeditions

Indigo Expeditions is a conservation research and nature tour company working in Guatemala. Their mission is to promote the conservation of reptile and amphibian biodiversity.

We’re working together to raise awareness of the endangered spikethumb frog, rediscovered by an Indigo Field Team in the Highlands of Alta Verapaz.

Estación Biológica el Banco

Estación Biológica el Banco is the leading sea turtle research station on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala. The community of el Banco have been protecting olive ridley sea turtles for over 25 years.

We’re working together to build their international brand presence, and launch fundraising campaigns to save endangered sea turtles.

Success stories

Building lasting relationships has allowed the brand strategy to evolve and grow resulting in successful projects and happy clients!

I wanted a website that would communicate the message of Indigo Expeditions to our customers and partner organisations, and most importantly to generate sales. What I got was so much more… not just simply a website, but a vehicle to spread the Indigo brand.

The care with which the build has progressed has been amazing, coaching me along in order to find the words for the copy. It has been like finding a new language, and Adela has been there every step of the way encouraging me to discover the words that best describe Indigo.

I love the way the website looks and feels and it has been a fabulous journey. Thank you Adela for your kind and patient advice, and inspired design!

Rowland Griffin

Founder, Indigo Expeditions

I wholeheartedly recommend Adela Mei Design for the design and build of my website World Humanism.

Adela is extremely professional and organised in her approach, her creative flair coupled with her grounded practicality is a highly effective combination.

Adela’s input further extends into encouragement and positive input to make the end result even more powerful than I had originally envisaged.

Thank you Adela it has been a real pleasure to work with you.

Stephanie Smith

Facilitator, World Humanism

At Fundaselva, we knew we needed to reach an international audience to spread the word about our conservation story, but we had no idea how to achieve that.

Since Adela’s involvement in our NGO we feel confident in not only how to tell our story, but also how to manage social media and create inspiring content that engages with people from across the world.

Adela’s work has enabled us to take our conservation work into a new and exciting phase.

Nini de Berger

Chair, Asociación Fundaselva de Guatemala

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